Thursday, January 15, 2009

All I want is a cape like Batman.....

So Mason is now 3 and he got lots of Imaginext Batman toys and of course this means that Mommy and Daddy have had the joy of being Robin .. Yeah fun! LOL but seriously it has been really near seeing his imagination grow and have him carry on little conversations with his Batmen because of course he got more the one. Anyway as I was playing with Robin and Batman this I wondered why doesn't Robin have a cape like Batman is it because he is just the Boy Wonder I think so anyway. I just thought it was interesting so I started to sing "All I want is to be like Batman and have a cape.". I guess my song was not appreciated because Mason told me to stop LOL! Anyway that has been our morning so far well that a a getting up early because maintenance is supposed to come and change our filter when . No one knows.:)

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