Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like I am turning into an organic mommy!

I feel like I am turning into one of those mothers that is like I make my own bread. I stay at home. I nurse my kids until they are over a year old and now the latest.. My good friend had her baby in a sling. And I was like hum how does that work for you. She said she really likes it she currently has two other small children 4 and 2 and it is hands free. She does not have to tote around a heavy carrier try to hold on to the stroller and the two other kids. So I in my ingeniousness decided to make my own .. I had a stretchy blanket cut it up sewed it back together and tried it out for the first time today. It was great... we walked Kyra fell asleep on the way home walking it was so cute....=-) So I find a real one on ebay today and it's normally $60 and I got it for $22.50 I was sooo excited. hehe yeah I am an organic mommy!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well I am 30 and it's not to bad!!!

Hey so I am having an awesome birthday... My parents took me to breakfast and my dear husband kept the Chickens. So I got home in the late afternoon and then put the Chickens down for a nap and then going out to dinner and possibly a movie at 5. Yeah so it's been a good day... And since it's my 30th birthday I wanted a cake so Mason and I made one... And I am going to put 30 candles on it hahahah... Anyway it's been a pretty darn good day yeah!!!! Love my honey and my Chickens.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahhh.. 30 is creeping closer

Well it's Thursday and on Saturday I turn 30... yes I am very depressed about it. Not like all of a sudden I will look 10 years older but it's much more traumatic not being in your 20's anymore when you have been for the last 10 years. Besides it's like you can't pass for younger you are 30!! 30.. Sigh Oh well I really should not be depressed I was reading online and lots of message boards were saying how 30 is depressing for people who are not married or don't have children. Well I have been married for 10 years and I have two children a 2 year old and almost 1 year old. Well, at least that is done.. LOL

Anyway I plan to have a better day today this morning was still rough ... I am not a morning person and unfortunately my children are so you can see how that can cause a problem. I am a total grump until I get my coffee in me. Ah does not help that we dont' go to bed until 1. Ben and I have gotten into the habit of going to bed so late because it's like once you get the the kids down you don't want to go to bed... Oh well.. It can just be a cycle..... WEll today will be better as 30 creeps closer....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spread the Wealth aka Socialism

So I just got done watching the debate and I thought that McCain did pretty good. Let's face it though Obama is very slick and a great speaker. This whole thing about him wanting to spread the wealth is just downright scary. I mean it's like when you were in school and you worked really hard you did your homework did not stay out late and party etc and got a very well earned A+ but Sally beside never took notes never did her homework and stayed out late with her friends every night and when it came time to take the test she blew it. And got a D- but the teacher decided to "spread the wealth" and took part of your A+ and gave part of your grade to Sally so now you both get a C+ now that is not fair and it certainly does not motivate Sally to study and work harder because she will get a passing grade anyway. That is how I view this whole spread the wealth and that is called Socialism. Oh well all you can do it Pray... and pray and pray that Obama will has a miss step at every turn. I am praying that McCain will win not because I think he is so great but because honestly Obama scares me to death.

Now the flip side of all this the panic, the recession, the whole mid east thing , terrorism and the fact that we could get Obama... well God is in control and I was thankful for my prayer meeting tonight. I had a very rough day with Mason ahh he was a bear.. Ben had to work late I felt yuck did not feel like going to church getting the kids out by myself. The car needed coolant when we got downstairs but I am so glad I made the effort because it was so refreshing. They were talking about how God is in control... comparing our Faith in God to the Ark .. Noah .. was in the ark But God did not forget about him... Jesus is in God and we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us.. So we just need to focus on him in this storm like Peter did in the storm...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So Frustrated..........

I so sympathize for single parents. Not that I can even really relate.. But this past weekend.... my husband went on a men's retreat so I had my kids for 24 hours by myself and boy was I exhausted when Ben got home....and then on Sunday he was gone for like 3 hours... And then he worked late on Monday night, then had men's Bible study on Tuesday night and then we had church last night... And my patience is just gone with my children... I hate that but Mason sometimes can just push my buttons!!! I hate feeling this way but I yell more I have no patience I am a lot snappier with him and everytime I lash out I feel horrible. Poor little guy!!! I just feel like I need a break and that is so hard sometimes...oh well. I suppose it will get better....