Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spread the Wealth aka Socialism

So I just got done watching the debate and I thought that McCain did pretty good. Let's face it though Obama is very slick and a great speaker. This whole thing about him wanting to spread the wealth is just downright scary. I mean it's like when you were in school and you worked really hard you did your homework did not stay out late and party etc and got a very well earned A+ but Sally beside never took notes never did her homework and stayed out late with her friends every night and when it came time to take the test she blew it. And got a D- but the teacher decided to "spread the wealth" and took part of your A+ and gave part of your grade to Sally so now you both get a C+ now that is not fair and it certainly does not motivate Sally to study and work harder because she will get a passing grade anyway. That is how I view this whole spread the wealth and that is called Socialism. Oh well all you can do it Pray... and pray and pray that Obama will has a miss step at every turn. I am praying that McCain will win not because I think he is so great but because honestly Obama scares me to death.

Now the flip side of all this the panic, the recession, the whole mid east thing , terrorism and the fact that we could get Obama... well God is in control and I was thankful for my prayer meeting tonight. I had a very rough day with Mason ahh he was a bear.. Ben had to work late I felt yuck did not feel like going to church getting the kids out by myself. The car needed coolant when we got downstairs but I am so glad I made the effort because it was so refreshing. They were talking about how God is in control... comparing our Faith in God to the Ark .. Noah .. was in the ark But God did not forget about him... Jesus is in God and we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us.. So we just need to focus on him in this storm like Peter did in the storm...

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