Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maddie Spohr

I just happened to run across this from a Flylady Twitter.. And I have been so touched and saddened by this story. I think I have been so touched because one she was such a beautiful little girl who looked so full of life and two she is exactly 2 days younger then my Kyboo.... And I just cannot imagine the heartache and grief that this family must be going through. As I write this I am wiping tears away it's just so sad. I am so thankful for my healthy little girl.... and I love her so much... I could not imagine if anything happened to her. It is at times like that you have to concede that God has a bigger plan and we just don't understand it. My Thoughts and prayers are with this family.... I did not know them but non the less I am saddened by their grief and loss....

Check out their website below.. also please donate to the March of Dimes on behalf of Maddie Spohr.. There is a banner on their website to donate.

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