Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forced Volunteer work...... H. R. 1388

Well I am riled up today... My husband told me about this bill the H.R.1388- Mandatory Youth Service Bill they are trying to pass. See link below..

Now on the outside this sounds great -volunteer work for our youth and teens right? But my friend this is forced volunteer work that is right forced. So there would be no choice for our kids now the first thing that comes to my mind is the Hitler Youth ... they started out "great" I am sure if anything associated with Adolf Hitler could start out "great". But the Hitler Youth continued and soon all other volunteer organizations were funneled into this one group and it was mandatory. And those kids were brain washed and look where that led.. This was not an over night thing the groups started in 1922 and ran until 1945. So I am sure most Americans would be like well hello this is America "that" could never happen "here". Yeah right open your eyes look at the road we are headed down. The first wake up call should of been the school children singing Obama's praises.. see link below.

I just really fear where this country is headed if we don't wake up and see where they are taking us. We have no checks and balances now the Congress , the Senate and the Executive Branch are all being run by the same party. And with this whole bail out mess I mean come on even many Democrats now are thinking this thing won't we are basically spending our children and grand children's money for what? For them to further their socialistic agenda. I know they blame this whole thing on Bush but really it's done nothing but gone down hill and rapidly since he took office and soon the Democrats will have to take responsibility for all this spending not to even mention the "pork" spending which Obama was never going to let pass he was going to go over it "line by line" . Now what happened to that?

Oh well I will quit my rant. But honestly people for those of you who voted for your precious Obama and his wonderful "Change" about two years from now when you start to get taxed out the ying yang and all this wonderful "Change" starts to effect you too and your kids. Well we tried to warn you......

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