Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Election.....

Ahh my husband has had the STUPID Democratic thing on tonight and it's driving me nuts... I can't stand politics I know it's really important and all.... I just can't stand to hear the pure drivel that comes out of their mouths I'm sure you can tell from what I"m writing that I am a Republican... Ug but Bill Clinton was speaking tonight and he had nothing to say but man they were going NUTS I mean NUTS for him..... I mean honestly get over the fact that Barak Obama however you even spell his name is black he has NOOOOO experience none what so ever. Now I don't really like McCain that much honestly but mean it's like great these are our choices but he is sooo much better then Obama.. Now Obama scares the absolute you know what out of me. Oh well all I can do is pray daily that he loses Obama that is and I am.. I have been praying that gas prices would come down and they have ... I need to keep that up.. Like the Bible says nothing with God is impossible. Thank goodness. =-)

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