Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday's the dreaded word... The beginning of the week where work or school starts all over again. I remember when I was little I would dread Sunday night because the next morning was School it's not that really the week was so bad once you started it .. it was just the starting of it that was so hard. Then once you start working Monday's are even worse... ahhhhh then you really dread them. But then you have to work and you have kids now that truly sucks. You never feel like you have enough time with your kids when you work and you send them to daycare not to mention you have to get up SOOO much earlier then when it was just you.. You have to make sure that diaper bags are packed lunches are made and if it's a baby that bottles are ready. Then you have to get them all headed out the door to their daycare and be to work by 8..Of course by the time you get to work you are stressed hoping you are not late you have not had your coffee at least I had not I always took it to work with me and you just sat there and stared at your computer for the next 2 hours trying to wake up. And let me tell you I am not a morning person so those awful people you want to throttle first thing in the morning that are like "Good Morning!" I hated people like that because you really had to say "hi" back and I never felt like talking after what I had been through every morning. AHHH But now the flip side. Being at home Monday's mean just that daddy won't be home today and that always makes us sad. But they don't hold the dread they used to at all. Now the struggle is to just get Mason breakfast before I have had my coffee... haha well after looking back at all those Monday mornings I really have nothing to complain about now do I?

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