Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday... yeah!

I feel better today a little more uplifted... it has been a tough week we have had soo much rain and been stuck inside with Mason and his cast. But as I have been going over this week in my mind it has really not been bad we have our routines. Getting up etc Kyra is getting so big and playing so good on the floor she LOVES music which is sooo adorable whenever she gets music to play on one of her toys she will shake her head back and forth like she is going with the tune. It is funny because we have not bought her any toys because since she and Mason are so close in age we already had TONS of toys from him can you say OVERBOARD but it's interesting to see how she plays with some things more then he did. He has this one VTECh toy that he hardly ever played with when he was over a year old and she is already playing with it and not even a year old. I do wonder if the old adage that girls learn faster is true. So then I have to think well I have enjoyed and gotten to see things with her that I never got to see with Mason because I was working... So even though sometimes I get down and sad because I am at home.. and the more I read on the internet about some other stay at home mom's I think getting a little lonely , bored and down just comes with the territory. Well that is the down side the up sides is I have gotten to see Kyra crawl , roll over and pull up for the first time. I would go to pick up Mason from daycare and I had an awesome daycare and they would say oh today he is crawling... So I have it pretty good... =-)

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