Friday, August 29, 2008


So Ben and I actually got to go out tonight with some other couples with our church yeah!!! It was so nice getting to go out and not have to cut up food or tell someone to sit down please be quite no you can't have that don't wave your knife around. It was just nice... we got to walk downtown get coffee after dinner it was just really nice and on those rare occasions when you actually get away from your children you are so happy to leave to them to just have a breather and you joke oh yeah my kids etc. but at the end of the night when you are on your way to pick them up you are so excited to get your hands on them again and it's only been like 4 hours away from them. And you are so excited to take them home then you realize how much fuller your life is with them. And you are just so in love with them and our honey for giving them to you. =-)

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